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Emmett Technique 4 Dogs: Teresa Barron

The Emmett Technique introductory EMMETT for Dogs Short Course is now offered to you and will provide you with the opportunity to learn this internationally-recognised technique. This therapy is amazingly simple to apply and is used to ease pain and discomfort, increase movement and improve quality of life. It works equally well on both people and dogs.

This course is designed for all canine enthusiasts from a professional level wishing to advance their skill base to dog owners and agility and showing enthusiasts who wish to learn new days of helping their dogs to preform to their full potential and live more comfortably.

It is also an introduction to the certified professional practitioner course leading to an internationally recognised and RCVS allowable technique allowing you to become a professional EMMETT for Dogs therapist able to treat both dog and handler.

On this course you will learn about EMMETT technique for dogs from a Registered Advanced Emmett Practitioner for People and Dogs - Teresa Barron.

Please contact Teresa ( for further information

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