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Spirit Dance & Cacao Celebration: Andrea Jackson

Andrea says:

Hello beautiful ones...Introducing Spirit Dance
I am very happy to have created this new heart offering from Radiant Woman.

Spirit Dance is my own creation, guided by my heart and higher wisdom. It is a meld of all I have incorporated in my life after many Years of Yoga and Spiritual practice, dance experience, holistic and energy work. It incorporates breath work, Cacao ceremony, movement, Drum, percussion and music to move energy through your body, clearing stuck energy, emotion, stagnancy, leaving you feeling free, alive, radiant and vital.

Over the last few years I have taken on Dance in a big way in my own life. After an amazing Kali Transmission Dance in Nottingham with Natalie Slater I decided this was a route I was very open to follow, my heart body and mind had been calling for it for some time.

I dipped into Kundalini dance with Leyola Antara and completed her Chakra Alchemy Course and also Embodying Erotic Divinity. Moving on to Chakradance Teacher training and also Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance Teacher training. I love Free dance and will recommend it to everyone, dance is a great healer and the fastest transformer of energy.

The Drum has also become such a huge part of my life, I am definitely meeting my inner Shaman!! I have 2 frame Drums now that I use within my work, Spirit Drum which holds the energy of my female wolf guide Spirit, and more recently my Lemurian or Bali Spirit Drum, both female energies.

Cacao has also become a huge love of mine and I absolutely love creating Cacao Ceremonies, training with Annu Tara I am a Cacao Medicine Carrier and this has become part of Spirit Dance.

So what happens in a Spirit Dance session? We come with an intention, I will create a Circle and Cacao Ceremony for you to set your intention. We move into the dance with eyes closed or with eye masks if you prefer. I have created a playlist of tracks I use in my own dance and which have resonated or touched me in some way. The dance will invoke different feelings and emotions and i will guide you through, intersecting with breath work for release. Throughout I will be working with percussion and Drumming to clear energy fields.

We will finish with a Meditation to release anything that may have come up in the dance and you will have an opportunity to Journal or draw out your experience. We finish with a closing Circle and time to Share.

Please contact Andrea ( for more information

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