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Chakra Check-in Retreat: Louise Wray

Take some time out for you!

Strengthen, understand and balance your Chakra system, relax and slow down in beautiful and peaceful surroundings. Open your body, Meditate, Chant and let go at the deepest level with the vibrations of Ancient gongs, Tibetan bowls and Mantra.

This retreat will be a beautiful blend of powerful, transformational and balancing practices to strengthen, reset and connect with the energy within the Chakra system.

We will use Kundalini Yoga Technology and Mantra, Yin Yoga, Breath work and Sound Healing for the deepest rest and release.

 The two days can be taken together or separately. 

Local accommodation info is available for overnight stays. This can give you the option of bringing a non Yogi with you, or to stay local and explore your evenings and free day on Sunday.

Day One: Friday July 10 - The Lower Triangle

The balance, strength and free flow of energy in the 3 base Chakras is vital for us to be grounded, committed, creative and able to step into our own personal power with strong self esteem. When this area is out of balance or lacking in energy we cannot fully reach our true potential.

This day will explore all 3 Chakras in some beautiful and practical ways to help you step up into your true strength, with follow up support and practices to continue the work.

 Day Two: Saturday July 11 - The Heart/Throat Connection

Connect with your Big Bold Heart!

Being open hearted, compassionate, loving and forgiving is at the heart of our Yoga practice, yet it is often difficult as we navigate life to remain that way…to ourselves as well as others.

This day will explore some beautiful and profound practices to open and clear the Heart, and to explore it’s relationship with the Throat Chakra.

This can bring about the deepest healing, transformation and freedom for us all. You deserve this!

 Drinks/snacks provided. Please bring your own lunch.

Louise has been teaching for over 20 years, and her style of teaching has evolved to share the Yogic tools she has found most effective through her own personal practice. These are drawn from Classical Hatha, Yin and Kundalini Yoga, Dru Meditation and Sound Healing.

She teaches with warmth, humour and clarity to help you step into your true peaceful strength.

Please contact Louise Wray (; 07716194355) for more information.

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