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Vayus: Exploration of the inner winds of the sacred body: Sarah O'Connor

Sarah O’Connor is a Senior Yoga teacher and Director of Mindflowyoga Training School. Her expertise comes from over 25 years of experience in the fields of yoga and energy body practices. Her influences are Ancient Tibetan and yoga lineages, interwoven with the modern understanding of physical and mental energy.

Sarah coined the term “energetic keys” based on her personal experiences of daily practice. These keys are experiences that open us up to better yoga practice and to clearer physical and mental conditioning, leading to fearless and egoless teaching.

Her teaching uses the Tibetan and Indian practices of asana, Tsa Lung, kriya, pranayama, mantra, and meditation to cleanse mind and body of negative stored energies, leaving you in the stillness, silence and spaciousness of pure awareness.

The day will cover all aspects of yoga and philosophy of the Vayus, the energetic regions of the body, and application in teaching. Sarah’s IST days are renowned for their content and humour.

 This is a BWY IST Day; Please book online at or contact Judi Needham-Crane ( to book offline. Non-members welcome.

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