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EMM-Tech Short Course - Easy Muscle Management: Teresa Barron

TEMM-Tech - Easy Muscle Management is a short course drawn from the EMMETT Technique Professional Course. It has been designed for anyone to do for self-care and on our family and friends. Anyone can learn it!

Emmett Technique is a system of body work devised by Ross Emmett, an extremely gifted practitioner.

The course will provide you with the tools to simply and effectively release tension and tightness in 11 key muscles. The results from these moves are usually immediate and you will see and feel changes for yourself. After a short demonstration and practise you will be able to achieve the same results for others.

The Technique involves light touch on specific points of the body to create instant changes. It is fast, effective and can be used on its own or combined with any other bodywork system.

Emmett Technique has proved widely appealing to all categories of body workers and health care professionals.

For further information contact Teresa Barron ( & to watch video demonstrations on the technique you can visit

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