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Emmett Technique Dog Practitioner Course: Teresa Barron

The Emmett Technique Dog Practitioner training of designed for qualified, animal professionals, dog owner and anyone interested in extending their skills. The Dog Practitioner course is divided into two-day learning blocks called Levels with 5 in total. Material covered in the previous Level is reviewed before new work is covered. This ensures that all participants are up to date and ready to learn new material. The course therefore consists of 11 days.

Course Structure

Level 1: Two days of learning both Dog and Handler corrections (04/05 March 2020)

Level 2: First day review of Level 1, second day new Level 2 work (22/23 April 2020)

Level 3: First day review of Level 2, second day new Level 3 work (10/11 June 2020)

Level 4: First day review of Level 3, second day new Level 4 work (05/06 August 2020)

Level 5: First day review of Level 4, second day new Level 5 work (tbc)

Level 5 Assessment: At Level 5 At Level 5 Review, a written & practical assessment will be offered and a Certificate of Proficiency will be awarded when a pass is achieved. This qualifies the participant as an EMMETT Technique Dog Practitioner. Assessment is optional. A Certificate of Attendance is provided where the participant is not assessed (tbc)

Please contact Teresa ( for further information

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